Utilizes a similar vision and plan ethos in her home products gathering as she does in styling her own homestead. Her approach praises one of a kind discovers, sets vintage with new, and favors the handmade and repurposed. Jennifer and her better half obtain They made snappy time with various redesigns, almost gutting the inside and relinquishing a third room to extend the colossal room—the crown gem of their natural and refined home in the slopes of Ventura County.


Nature paints the ideal palette of shading, surface, and surfaces that I get a kick out of the chance to impersonate in our home.

Most loved Element

Openness, post-and-pillar roofs

Greatest Challenge

Openness, post-and-shaft roofs. Appropriately lighting open bar roofs have demonstrated troublesome with no roof space to shroud wire works.

What people say, this area, house, see. What a score!

Greatest Embarrassment: Trying to endeavor to do a matte and gleam penny round tile striped divider behind the stove. General it had no effect, as there was insufficient complexity. I was so eager to attempt it since I experience considerable difficulties to a lasting tile circumstance and shading. I adore the tiled divider by and large, however my splendid idea was a flop!

Proudest DIY:

The kitchen redesign

Greatest Indulgence: Textiles, floor coverings

Best Advice:

you cherish, add measurement and surface to your dividers. Finish as an individual and not to satisfy your neighbor or the masses. Patterns are fun however I adore components of ageless insides. Incorporate things from any/consistently and also blending styles. I'm persuaded it's the hardest approach to enhance without appearing as though you are living in a bug showcase slow down. Scale, shading, surface, and difference are what I concentrate on it will takes some toying around, and I generally consider how one thing influences the following consider space and let things emerge by constraining what encompasses them.

be that as it may, likewise truly simply dream of my own mystery assets.

  • Assets
  • Dividers and roofs
  • Passage
  • Room
  • Lounge room
  • Vintage Moroccan floor covering: eBay
  • Custom pads
  • couch: scored from a companion of-a-companion
  • Old fashioned bureau
  • light: The Ranch Uncommon
  • Enormous California delineate
  • Naval force hassock match: on leeway at Target
  • Lounge area
  • Vintage eating table
  • Custom banquette
  • Home Decorators
  • Stool
  • Striped swivel seats
  • light: thrift store
  • Carton table
  • Kitchen
  • Chicken wicker bin pendants over island
  • Wicker bin pendant over sink
  • Thin vintage table
  • Hand-coated stoneware plates: j mud earthenware
  • Recovered animal dwelling place entryways
  • Harness rack utilized
  • Mats
  • Carefully assembled bowls
  • Wood taxidermy
  • Cabinetry
  • Ledges: Torqued by Cambria
  • Room
  • Vintage material pads
  • light: home deal
  • Television cupboard: reused kitchen cupboards
  • Floor covering: Belgium
  • Restroom
  • Stacked vintage kitchen cupboards
  • Horse shelter wood towel rack: hand crafted with wood from Round top
  • Pharmacist shakes: The Ranch Uncommon

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