The Sofa (Couch)

Ever wondered where the great “Sofa” or couch came from? Well let me tell you the word “sofa comes from an Arabic word صُفَّة, “Suffa” which means long seat made of brick or stone. The word has also influenced and is used in European languages via Turkish or through the Moorish control of Spain. There are sets available in markets of matching colors, design and textures. Regarded as an essential part of furniture couches are a necessary part of house decorating items when it comes to furniture. Couches are often found in drawing rooms which are used for seating guest. A lounge chair, couch, or settee is a household item to seat at least three individuals as a seat, with or without armrests that is mostly or completely upholstered, and regularly fitted with springs and custom-made cushions. Although a love seat is utilized essentially to seat. Dubai is famous for making one of a kind Sofa’s in the world, some of them are really expensive, on google and it will show you a list of best repairing shops available near to you if you are in Dubai.


Types Of Sofa’s:

There are many types of sofas available in the market like for example the divan, the fainting couch and the canape. To save space some sofa’s which are able to convert into beds are also a common trend nowadays, mostly sofas are created according to the latest fashion available in the market each and every year new types of sofa’s designs are launched. The most famous kind of sofas are love seats or the couch which have two seating space. You can also repair your sofa’s, there are many shops available in Dubai which offer such kind of services, all you have to do is type sofa repair Dubai on google, Sofa Repair Dubai will come up to show you some great examples.


Material Used To Make Sofa’s:

A couch is comprised of the casing, covering and cushioning. The edges are normally made of either wood or steel, plastic or covered sheets. The wood used in the process is produced from maple wood that is free of bunches, drying bark or imperfections under furnace. The show wood of the arms, back and legs can be mahogany, walnut, maple, or fruitwoods. Couch cushioning is produced using froth, plumes, down, texture or a blend thereof. Couch covers are made out of delicate corduroy, cowhide or material texture covers.


Source: Sofa Repair Dubai